Urban ICT Arena-related Stokab passive fiber connection points.
Equipment at each location consists of
-a mount for sensors etc
-a patch box (ca 30x30x40cm) placed in conjunction with the mount. The patch box contains patch cables (6 CAT6, 4 single fiber, 2 48V DC) connected to the bigger cabinet (described next). So if e.g. you need Ethernet with PoE for your sensor, you choose one of the six CAT6 cables from the patch box and connect it to the sensor, and in the bigger cabinet you connect that CAT6 cable to the switch.
-a bigger cabinet placed nearby the mount/patch box location. Going into this cabinet (Rittal CS 9791.045, 63x78x38cm) is 8 single fibers. In the cabinet there will be 230 V AC 10 A power, AC/DC-converter for 48 V DC, one 8 port switch (St Erik kommunikation) as wellas room for 1 to 2 more switches. From this cabinet 6 CAT6, 4 single fibers and 2 48V DC cords connect to the patch box.

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