The first release of this visualization tool handles what we refer to as CityObjects ("physical infrastructure things") and groupings of them. Authorization to view/add/edit information is based on whether you're logged in at all or logged in with admin privileges. Most importantly, logged in non-admin users can only edit resources they have created.


Comments can be sent to infravis6@gmail.com

How do I navigate in the map?

If you have a keyboard, it is also possible to more freely adjust the camera by holding down the alt-key while you "left-click" and move the mouse or finger.

Can I improve the map content for my project?

Yes, the map content is supplied by OpenStreetMap. It is open and community driven and lets you improve the content. The site has both browser-based and downloadable editors, the result of which can be seen in less than an hour.

What about the 3D visualizer?

It is based on an open source WebGL-based javascript library called OSM Buildings with its repository at OSMBuildings GitHub and our used fork of it at wallb OSMBuildings GitHub. Feel free to contribute.

Tools for handling positioning of things you say?

Maybe you want to give geojson.io a go.